Nature Clean Fruit & Veggie Washing Liquid

I am not quite sure how many of you knows about the nature clean concentrated fruit and vegetable (veggie) washing liquid, it manufactured by Nature Clean,


what it does?? well it does exactly what its product name says… it helps you remove the germ and cleans your fruit and veggies

The next obvious question that comes to our little brain is why not water..well according to the manufactures quoted below:

” Most pesticides can’t be removed from produce with water alone because they are designed to be water resistant. This way, they won’t wash off in the rain. Fruit & Veggie Wash Concentrate was designed for produce which requires soaking such as grapes, berries, broccoli, and spinach. This type of produce has more hidden crevices where contaminants can hide. Our formula has no taste, is odourless, residue-free and helps remove surface pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, wax and dirt. For firm produce like apples and tomatoes, we recommend our Fruit & Veggie Spray Wash. ”

They are sold in Toronto at for $55.71 for a case of 12 . Remember always sells in cases so I am not sure how much it will cost per bottle. The one sold at is of 700 ml for a case of 12. Check them out at or


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