Environment Friendly or Green Utensils

Just when you think the plastic utensils were going to create a problem to our environment, there comes the new Eco friendly ones….

So how Eco friendly are they, when one would really think how to move away from these plastic products which can remain in our beautiful earth for over 10 or 20 years, just because we(humans) choose to eat a slice of fruit with a fork, its like a bad karma…

Lets see how these Eco friendly utensils do their magic…During the manufacturing process these plastic utensils are treated with Totally Degradable Plastics Additives (TDPA™), speciality chemical foaming and purging agents, which gives polypropylene special degradation properties.

After use, when the discarded product begins to undergo oxidative degradation much faster than traditional plastic products.Oxygen (O2) together with heat, UV radiation or mechanical stress transforms the polypropylene (with TDPA) into a fine powder which bacteria and other micro-organisms can digest.The end result is these forks or plates don’t lay around in our landfill for no longer than 3-4 years.. now thats good karma! Some of these products that i know are

  • Polar Ecopro cutleries
  • Gusto Bioxo polystyrene foam
  • Ecotainers

Now the question is who carries them. I would imagine most of our well known retailers should/could be carrying them.

But my best bet is Mr.Case inc . I know they carry them…why?? Because the above mentioned information are from their catalogue.

Mr. Case has been in operation over 24 years serving the greater Toronto area. They do home and business deliveries. Most of the products they deliver are the well know grocery items that we get in our everyday grocery stores.

Most of their environmentally friendly products are listed in their website .. http://www.mrcase.com/ Check them out….Be friendly..Be Eco Friendly

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