Top 3 Super Bowl 2015 Advertising Review

This is a very insightful review of the 2015 Super Bowl advertising. I agree with the presenter in how this ad. was presented and conveyed to the consumer. According to the author, The laugh is not the reward. The journey is the reward.

The three winners are:

Winner # 1

Kim Kardashian’s T-Mobile does address to the today’s data hungry smart phone usage, but it becomes attractive due to the self-deprecating charm played by Kim herself.

In a charmingly titled paper, “Dissing Oneself versus Dissing Rivals,” in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, they report that the TV joke increased the attractiveness ratings given by listeners when it was told by a high-status man or woman — but not by a low-status person. The researchers conclude:

Thus, the the use of self-deprecating humor by low-status individuals may be counter-productive, suggesting depression, defeatism, subordination, low self-esteem, and/or low mate value. On the other hand, if an individual has achieved high social status, they are unlikely to have truly low conscientiousness, extraversion, or emotional stability, and they must show reasonable agreeableness often enough to make friends and win support. Thus, self-deprecating humor may be a way of transiently faking inferior personally traits, to highlight the discrepancy between the faked traits (e.g., introversion, neuroticism) and the traits actually required to win high status.

Winner #2

TurboTax achieved their message by relating a incident of historical importance and tying with their fee free tax return program of their company. Ironically the historical event they depicted was the American revolution by the Colonist in the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was an important display of the fact that colonists were well aware of Parliament’s attempts to use the colonists’ tax money to repay British war debts and that the colonists would not stand for this unfair treatment. I can use the clear use of subliminal messaging.

Winner #3

The Super Bowl ad features Bridges and drives people to created and showcased by Squarespace, a simple website publishing platform. Most people in the advertising and marketing agree that every ad. has been thought over multiple times and there is a clear or hidden messaging, which can be consiously or sub-consiously related to the audience. Based on this, I believe, chose, Sleep as its theme is mainly due to the recent statistics claiming that 40% of all Americans and 70% of adolescents are sleep deprived. Evolved from this  a TV show Sleepless in America, was aired, is a collaborative effort among the Public Good Projects, the National Institutes of Health and the National Geographic Channel to draw public attention to lack of sleep.


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