celebrating SECOND year of successful blogging has successfully completed its SECOND year of blogging. One year back when I started my own website, it was primarily a way to discuss and raise topics that interested me.

Started with a simple HTML website and throwing many ideas into it, I finally selected the wordpress as the best utility for my website.

With years passing by I am pretty sure that I will be able to bring new and untapped topics into the WWW world.

2009 has been very kindful to me in terms of achieving the career path that I had always aimed to, still working as IT Manager for one of the coolest company in Toronto, Appointed as Chief Technology Office (CTO) for an IT Consulting Company at the age of 30 & Selected for the Executive Queens MBA program, one of the top most program in Canada

From the look for it, I know next year is going to be very busy; In addition I will have one of the most dreamed project going online…will update everyone then

Thank you for all the readers and supporters… And HAPPY NEW YR 2010

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