Security & Privacy of Bluetooth Device

Keep Security in Mind while setting up your Bluetooth Device

Every Mobile Phones, Laptops, Net Books are loaded with Bluetooth and its one of the easiest way of connecting to your headset, GPS or any other bluetooth enabled devices.

Securing your Bluetooth

Securing your Bluetooth

Very recently I came across a serious lack of privacy while setting up this device, and I think every individual who uses these device should be aware of, and should be careful with it.

I use a blackberry curve and very recently I went to tim hortons (coffee shop) to meet a friend, like most people i keep the phone with me and to kill time, i was simply playing around with its menu, when i came across the bluetooth icon.

So i was curious to see how many devices it will pick up when i search for devices that are open for connection and to my surprise out of10 people in there, i was able to grab 4 Bluetooth devices.
Now everyone feels its normal and you cannot connect to a device until the user gives you permission to.. thats not my concern.

My concern is something else…my blackberry was showing be these devices by their name and/or their partners name and various other personal info for example:

one device showing Grace & Adam
another one Jacobs Iphone
another one Amir

Now what do I get from these, if i look around and i see a east indian or middle easter guy, i can straight away focus him as Amir

If i see there a guy holding iphone, probably he is Jacob

and if i look around probably there is couple sitting and if i can listen to their conversation and pick the name, they probably are grace and adam

Now using these information I gain entry to another persons conversation…

Therefore always name your public facing devices like Wi-Fi , Bluetooth with some generic name’s like home, office etc. I believe as technology gets simplified we all should take a bit care on how to handle these technology and limit passing these private information to the public medium.

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