Responsive websites

The concept of responsive website has been give much attention. One could say that it is the “hot” topic in the web world. Though the concept of making very website fit into multiple screen size has been an approach most web developers keep in mind, but making them mobile compatible came into much attention with arrival of apple and android platforms.

This concept, of making websites responsive has gone through its set of evolution with websites created just for mobile platform, detective mobile platforms through scripts etc.

The approach of responsiveness adds an additional layer by building websites to automatically structure and show content that the end user us really after while hiding “non-relevant” features.

With web-masters and content providers pushing blog, testimonial & social feeds into web, websites are becoming blotted with content. A responsive website basically provides the content to mobile platform on a “strictly” need to know basis.

The basis on web responsive website evolves from the design phase, where the pages are optimized for optimal viewing with easy to access menu system and clearing out the advertisement or pop up’s that a standard website would exhibit.

From a business stand point, responsive websites are needed for businesses if one or more of the case applies:

  • A good chunk of your customers are accessing websites from mobile platform such as cell phone, tablets etc.
  • Your current website is heavy or chunky to fit into a small screen size of the mobile platform
  • If you do not want to lose out of customers who may only use mobile devices for accessing websites

The last point is more credible than other two because responsive website adds another layer to your business to tap into that another “pie” which may be lost if you did not have this feature/service in your website.

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