Different Political Views

There are various types of political view that we all keep within ourselves. These are some or all of them:

Political Reqimes

Political Reqimes

Democracy is a political government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people.Democracy has its origins in Ancient Greece.
List of types of democracy

Democratic Socialism:
Democratic socialism is a description used by various socialist movements and organizations, to emphasize the democratic character of their political orientation. The term is sometimes used synonymously with ‘social democracy’, but many self-identified democratic socialists oppose social democracy, seeing it as capitalist

Blue Dog Democrat:
The Democratic Blue Dog Coalition is a group of currently 54 conservative Democratic Party members of the United States House of Representatives, first formed in 1995.The Blue Dog Coalition describes itself as a group of moderate-to-conservative Democrats committed to financial and national security, favoring compromise and bipartisanship over ideology and party discipline.

Conservatism is the belief that traditional institutions work best and that society should avoid radical change. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others oppose modernism and seek a return to the way things were.

Conservative Libertarian:
Also known as Libertarian conservatism or as fusionism. Conservative Libertarian includes political ideologies which meld libertarianism and conservatism.

Moderate Conservative:
Moderate Conservatism is usually viewed as someone having a moderate view on the conservative policies.

Very Conservative:
A strong follower of the conservative ideology.

Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equality.Most liberals support such fundamental ideas as constitutions, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, free trade, secularism, and the market economy.

Libertarianism is a political theory that advocates the maximization of individual liberty in thought and action and the minimization or even abolition of the state.Libertarians embrace viewpoints across a political spectrum, ranging from pro-property to anti-property and from minimal state (or minarchist) to openly anarchist.

Moderate Liberal:
Moderate Liberals are those who view moderately on liberal ideology.

Very Liberal
Strong follower of Liberal ideology.

A person who favors a republican form of government.

Socialism refers to the various theories of economic organization which advocate either public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources.Socialists generally share the view that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. This in turn creates an unequal society, that fails to provide equal opportunities for everyone to maximise their potential, and does not utilise technology and resources to their maximum potential nor in the interests of the public.

Socialist Libertarian:
Also called as Libertarian socialism is a group of political philosophies that aspire to create a society free of coercive hierarchies.

Green Party:
A Green party or ecologist party is a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics. These principles include social justice, reliance on grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and an emphasis on environmentalism. “Greens” believe that the exercise of these principles leads to world health.

An Independent is a politician who is not affiliated with any political party. Independents may hold a centrist viewpoint between those of major political parties, or they may have a viewpoint based on issues that they do not feel that any major party addresses. Other independent candidates are associated with a political party and may be former members of it, but choose not to stand under its label. A third category of independents are those who may belong to or support a political party but believe they should not formally represent it and thus be subject to its policies. Finally, some independent candidates may form a political party for the purposes of running for public office.

You are indifferent if you do not have an opinion on any of the political views

Usually chosen to avoid further questions!!


  1. Communism is one of political view?

  2. communism divides humanity into useless pieces so i think we should not be selfish and think for everyone

  3. It’s obvious that this was written by a Liberal! The ideology behind the descriptions is there you just have to see it.

  4. communism and anarchism, as well as stalinism should be put on this list.

  5. I think everyone should be independent. Think before you make a descion.

  6. i do not know really abt politics , but there is something everyone should know . PEOPLE’S POWER is the best ! !


  8. APATHETIC. All the way.

  9. the only man talking sense is the one called “Yes”

  10. what about all the others like rationalist anarchist and others not based of of being democrat, republican or socialist

  11. Feminism?

  12. Obviously this is written by a democrat!!!

  13. We shouldn’t tell people who to be, anyways.
    Let people believe in their own rights,
    whether it be selfish or not.

  14. Nope I'm still awake -.-

    Communist !

  15. Let’s really look at who is in charge after all the Political Shinanigans, it’s those behind the scenes, the ones who worship Money rather then Humanity as a whole. Who have gained control at some point in history and will not let go till WE THE PEOPLE STICK IT OUT TOGETHER WITH OR WITHOUT THEIR HELP!!!

  16. Really good descriptions of the political views. I don’t know why people are saying it must have been written by a liberal. Libertarian is the only one on this list that includes anything negative (anarchist), and they still mention the good side of it. To me the descriptions seem fair and accurate. Good post!

  17. Among the political views, What is the best? For me liberal is the best!.

  18. Blue Dog Democrat?

  19. EVERY CITIZEN OF INDIA LOVES INDIA BUT NO CITIZEN LOVE THE OTHER CITIZEN OF INDIA….. India becomes developed country only when every politision become “ABDUL KALAM”

  20. I go w/ what’s the best for the people, coz after all ,,they are those to be served.. 🙂

  21. this was quite helpful for school. 🙂

  22. This isn’t even close to most or all political views; I learned nothing here that my own common sense couldn’t have figured out. Epic Fail!

  23. Maimuna M. Turay

    I believe in the nation-state and sovereignty and that power should be decentralized to have a complete representation and opportunities and distribution of goods, services and resources should be at a equal rate with every citizen benefiting. I also believe that before any state can prosper, it has to have democracy and political figures should apply diplomacy in conducting the affairs of the state.

  24. I love the debate between political views.

  25. Good information on different types of democracy. Kudos

  26. Why is it that everyone who is anti-democratic/anti-socialist/anti-liberal on here, as well as in the real world, always seems violent? People tend to listen more when you don’t seem crazy.. The loudest person speaking isn’t always the one who’s right.. You just look immature and ignorant.

  27. um i think that ya i mean this is all pretty cool and stuff

  28. wat is the use of just saying things but nat prctising them, i wld rather b indifferent

  29. Mojeed Salmon Olatunde

    And There is no permanent enemys in politics

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  33. Communism is some wat better.

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