Desktop Virtualization is here, clear up your desks

Desktop Virtualization is here, clear up your desks

This is the next generation computing, one server many dumb terminals. Easy put but believe it , this will be the future, centralized systems managing user desktops, profiles , downloads and license.

From an IT technical perspective, think how easy its going to be. Manage one server, one license , one upgrade/downgrade, update one system; its reverts back to the number mighty ONE.

Now you think that’s cool, think if Mail server, Web Server, Print server, Application Server & DB server centralized to one.

Basically we will have ONE mighty server (you may say a SUPER SERVER) that can manage User Desktops (that itself is a relief) & that can manage all the Servers.

Now think about the maintenance and debug nightmare. But the relief is only 1 computer needs to be fixed and only one specialist needs to be there who has a knowledge of all these applications.

One of the emerging companies into virtualization is Citrix

Checkout this interesting video : httpv://

The future of desktop computers looks like this, an LCD screen, a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard & a small box (used to be CPU) for DVD/ BlueRay Disk/ SD Card and some USB connectors.. Easy, Simple, Space Saver

Future Desktops

Future Desktops



Watch out and get ready for this transition….


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