Change/Upgrade from Linux to Windows host in Godaddy Shared Hosting service

Change/Upgrade from Linux to Windows host in Godaddy Shared Hosting service

Ok before I begin i am not myself sure if I should say it as Upgrade, well anyway godaddy uses that term…the same reason I am using here…



Recently I had been using the Deluxe Shared Hosting service from godaddy, hosted in Linux. I was very pleased with the amount of service and application I had handy, for example, installing blog was so easy, since they have a section called Applications , which contains numerous open source as well as paid applications like oscommerce, wordpress, orangehrm etc

Then it strike to me that I need some application done in ASP.Net. Since it was a test application I was playing with, I did not want to pay extra, I realized that Godaddy has this cool feature that lets you change from Linux to Windows with no cost and they even says the windows host supports PHP, MYSQL and all that.

I just thought that was the perfect solution, i can run my PHP/MySQL application as well as ASP.NET/SQLSRV applications too. So i initiated the change from Linux to Windows.

It took couple of hours but the after math was devastating.. Many of my php applications crashed like

WordPress, Knowledge TreeVTigerCRM etc

This is where the debug action begins… Upon contacting go daddy customer support, I realized that my Knowledge tree and CRM uses CHMOD in PHP which they do not support. So they wont work

The wordpress will work if I change to IIS 7. For some reason godaddy server when the transition is done, they change to IIS6 and you have to manually change to IIS7 which takes another couple of hours

Even with the IIS7 in place, my WordPress was still showing error messages. Out of luck I thought I will do a reinstall.

I made a back up of my existing database and tried to do an automatically wordpress install using the godaddy application tool. At this point I realized that godaddy application tool in windows host only works with primary domain registered with the host and not with aliased domains.

So I will have to resort to manual wordpress installation, which they have a pretty brief guide of how to do that in their help guide. That was pretty handy.

One small change was also required, because I had earlier renamed my php.ini to php5.ini since some of the applications required php 5 , i had to rename back to php.ini (apparently windows uses php 4)

Being said all that, the lesson learned; Backup before such a transition, be ready for the worst, backup your database and files. Most probably once such transition occurs, most of the heavy php reliant applications will fail like the knowledge treet etc. Only advicesable if these applications are only used for test purpose.


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  5. Thanks! I will take a backup and change from linux to windows hosting.

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