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The way I have designed my blog, i have only 2 categories and basically i have 2 widgets to display posts, one show recent post, which displays the top 10 posts ; second one to display my blogs in chronological order. Often it was getting a headache for me to track my previous posts that are not in the recent section, since they were older than 10.

This lead to my search for a section in wordpress to display all the posts, something thats very similar to ecommerce sites to display all the products. To my surprise there weren’t many, some suggested having a RSS feed show in your website, though this was a good idea there weren’t that many codes available, and the ones that were available, only showed the link of your site.

What i am looking for,to show all the posts that I have ever blogged in a page, in their descending order (latest first, old last), with a small description of my posts and a readmore button, just like rest of my post in wordpress.

This is how I achieved it:

First download the plug in Exec-PHP
which basically lets you run php coding in your posts or pages. currently our wordpress will not let you run these codes.

2nd copy this code, its not completely perfected…but suits me:

Create a page, copy the code, save and publish

Now i cannot copy the code here because of the exec-php plugin.

3rd Insert into header:

Now you want this page inserted in the header for easy navigation. This code will vary and will be based on your blogs theme.
My theme has categories listed in the header, so i will be editing header.php. I am looking for code where my HOME link is displayed, and copy something like this. The link is basically my page id

  • you can find your page id, by going to admin, open that particular page , on your address bar, it displays something like above.

    thats it….

    Now when i meant the code isnt perfect this is because, right now it displays brief of all the blogs (the way i wanted) but then followed by the whole blog …dint understand, look all posts in my header, scroll down


    1. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

    2. Thanks for your comment, i take it as a compliment. No i havn’t blogged in any other sites.

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